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Rites for Prosperity

At all times very relevant was a subject connected with rituals for wealth, prosperity, success, prosperity and good fortune. Such ceremonies are performed often quite simple. Although it's happens that the ritual lasts literally 5 minutes, and the preparation for it takes time, effort and money. Often hear from everyman that people are disappointed that these works are quite simple, basic and not making "a circus" experience. I always say brilliant things always elementary. And I also say that these works, as well as money likes silence and do not tolerate unnecessary pathos and showing off.

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Hell Icons

Hell icons (Russian: Адописная икона, Adopisnaya ikona, lit. "Hell-written icon" or "of a Hell descent icon") are legendary icons with images of Devil hidden under primer, robe or painted layer. Also, the image of saint could include horns, hidden under the paint.

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