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Rites for Prosperity

At all times very relevant was a subject connected with rituals for wealth, prosperity, success, prosperity and good fortune. Such ceremonies are performed often quite simple. Although it's happens that the ritual lasts literally 5 minutes, and the preparation for it takes time, effort and money. Often hear from everyman that people are disappointed that these works are quite simple, basic and not making "a circus" experience. I always say brilliant things always elementary. And I also say that these works, as well as money likes silence and do not tolerate unnecessary pathos and showing off.

Similar works great multitude, but in order to pick you up for useful and necessary work, you should be clearly understood, as in all other magic works, what you want in the end. There is work passive that you can literally do for all your family members without their presence. For example, if you have the DNA of these people, with the help of rituals, such as the witch's bottle, you can make this protection to someone from relatives.

The second half of the work requires direct human intervention in these rites. The results of such work, as many other actions on magic, you can only be judged after some time, enough to look back and say, there is a positive result or not. Before doing such work, I highly recommend you to make a preliminary diagnosis of the presence of dirt and opposing factors on the customer. If they do, negative factors should be removed. It would be foolish to paint with white paint a rusty garage; first you need to get the rust off and primed it.

Otherwise the result will not be that which you expected. An important factor in our lives that affect of money, success, luck and prosperity in our lives is our attitude to money, or for example a small household signs, which often unfairly dismissive. Besides, learn to give "tribute" to the forces to which you refer, do not attributing success only to themselves. Do not disclose about carrying out such work, and all those other magical rites or ceremonies. It is not always necessary to know and understand how these rites works. Simple a layman often need to do a certain action. In many cases of the Slavic witchcraft it associated with such blasphemy, or with a kind of giving yourself to the force, it is like a kind of agreement, or transaction (you give me, I give you). In any case, one way or another, these works and rituals are of greatest relevance in society, regardless of social level, at all times and at any power. I wish you the Power and the glory for your own benefit!

VIDEO: Useful tips. How to invite wealth into the house? How to attract and keep money in the house? (language: Russian)

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