The Author's Site of The Warlock Neboga

My Rules

I'm the warlock Neboga. I have supernatural abilities. I'm occultist. You must know my Rules, if you wish my help.

My Obligations

In the process of cooperation, I follow some rules:

Clients can without shame and fear of condemnation to contact me with any requests, but I reserve the right to deny in its implementation, without explaining the reasons. All materials and the photos that handed to me will be immediately destroyed.

I guarantee my clients complete confidentiality of our cooperation or prior conversations that led to the refusal.

I don't use my magic against my clients. Also I don't help those who ask to hurt one of my former clients.

Before performing a magical ritual, I warn my clients about the possible negative consequences that may occur after the ceremony.

I guarantee that I will accord due attention to everyone who approached me and perform the assumed obligations.

Client's Obligations

From my clients in their cooperation I require compliance with the following obligations:

Until you achieve the desired result are prohibited to disclose information about our cooperation.

If you are my client it is forbidden to work in parallel with another mage or sorcerer without notifying me about it.

By choosing me to provide magical services, the client must unconditionally trust to my supernatural abilities. At work I highly recommend perform not tricky recommendations of a psychological nature. If you will follow my recommendations, then your success increases. When the non-compliance with the agreed rules, I cannot guarantee a perfect result...

Also in connection with the personality and of each individual case the results can differ from each other.

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