The Author's Site of The Warlock Neboga

The ABC of the Slavic Witchcraft

"A practical guide to working with demons"

This book is dedicated to brothers, sisters and other adepts of black magic, who know exactly how they serve and why, and also to all those who boldly, willingly, confidently and calmly stepped into the fire of the "Holy" Inquisition for his faith and showed thus how to live and what really need to believe. In your honor, this book is written. Truly I say to you, I love you all. Nema.

Language: Russian

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The Confession of a Priest's Wife

Hello, dear readers of the newspaper "Magic". I am going on the road and visited a newspaper stall where bought your newspaper. Rereading it, I suddenly wanted to write and also to open that for so long kept only in my Soul. Today is my 30-th birthday.  I'm going to home and I have 12 hours to tell you why I chose to meet my Birthday in the road, and recently how the magic burst in my life and gave me a hope...

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Interview with the Warlock Neboga

Dear readers!

Today I would like to tell you about the man who shook the entire Russian and Ukrainian media, in the literal sense of the word. It is the black sorcerer Sergey Neboga. Sergey admits that believes and glorifies demons. He points to the place, where is already visible to the naked eye the outlines of the future temple. The temple is dedicated to demons...

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