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Interview with the Warlock Neboga

Dear readers!

Today I would like to tell you about the man who shook the entire Russian and Ukrainian media, in the literal sense of the word. It is the black sorcerer Sergey Neboga. Sergey admits that believes and glorifies demons. He points to the place, where is already visible to the naked eye the outlines of the future temple. The temple is dedicated to demons...


It was almost midnight. I'm shaking on the train back to Moscow. Well, no passengers, the coupe is completely free. I can quietly reflect on everything I saw. When I was going to Kiev to meet with Neboga, and I could not think that this man will be able to change my worldview radically. I was leaving a completely different person.

Now, I write these lines, I realize that what I saw, it is not naturally in the harsh Russian reality, which all day all just discuss about another thing of Putin or the fight against corruption. I will try to restore the chronology of the trip, and write all what I managed to see and learn:

I was stood at the station; it was early morning, nine o'clock in the morning local time. Sergey Neboga sent me a car with a driver. And we drive to see him in his black temple.

We slowly pulled up to a tall fence, next to which stood a man with sunglasses.

He stood calmly, confidently, his arms crossed over his chest. We've stopped. Opening the car door I gladly held out his hand and introduced myself:

- Masha, very nice!

A man with sunglasses came up to me, took off his glasses and suddenly smiled broadly, saying:

- The warlock Neboga, you can call me Sergey.

The sun was high in the sky. It was very hot. After a long tour of the construction site of the temple and philosophical conversations, we retired with Sergey in a guest house, and I quietly began to ask questions, to which the black magician would respond:

Maria: Sergey, this is the amazing place. Why did you choose this place to build the Black temple?

Sergey: I've been looking for a place to build the Black Temple. And Higher Power showed me this place. I bought it. It is the geographical center of Ukraine. Here is calm and quiet. It is home to the Spirits.

Maria: Very interesting! Did you have some problems with the Ukrainian law? I know Ukrainian people hate Satanism.

Sergey: I had not the trouble with the law. I don't break the laws of Ukraine. But the Ukrainian authorities pursued and persecuted me all time. The reason was that I believe in the Devil. Ukrainian authorities are trying by all means to close and liquidate my Satanic Church "BOZHICHY". But Satan protects me.

Taking interview of Sergey Naboga I realized he is a law-abiding citizen of Ukraine. Sergey Neboga is very courageous and strong person. He's a good man.

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