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The ABC of the Slavic Witchcraft

"A practical guide to working with demons"

This book is dedicated to brothers, sisters and other adepts of black magic, who know exactly how they serve and why, and also to all those who boldly, willingly, confidently and calmly stepped into the fire of the "Holy" Inquisition for his faith and showed thus how to live and what really need to believe. In your honor, this book is written. Truly I say to you, I love you all. Nema.

Language: Russian


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- Black magic.
- Dealing with demons.
- A Slavic witchcraft.
- Magical holidays.
- Insignia of sorcerers and witches.
- Hell icons.
- The black book of Psalms.
- The book of heresy.
- Demonic prayer book.
- The Pantheon of the Evil Russian affliction.
- Magical terms.
- Magical incantations.
- What is the dwelling place of demons?
- Receiving information using Tarot.
- The value of the cards.
- Reading the lines of the hand.
- Receive information through dreams.
- Magical effects.
- Example of removal of damage.
- Cleaning flats, houses, premises.
- Damage to death.
- Damage "Herod's daughter"
- Binding to a dead man.
- Witchcraft in the Church.
- The curse.
- Examples of the curse.
- Love witchcraft.
- Protection from the evil eye.
- The protection of the home.
- Examples of rituals for prosperity and luck.
- Get rid of lack of money.
- A rejuvenation.
- A protection magical work.
- Examples of making simple potions.
- Initiation (initiation).
- Obtaining magical powers.
- The shares of the devil.
- A numerology.
- The demonic chronics.

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