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Predictions or would be better to say forecasting is the most common form of analysis of past, present and future in our days. I am the warlock Neboga (Agoben). I base my work on the prediction (forecasting) of the future with Tarot deck of cards using priority "Tarot of Lucifer".
"Tarot of Lucifer" helping me to see the reasons from the past and reasons that led to the current situation in the present, you will learn how to fix this situation, or a series of repetitive situations in life. Tarot of Lucifer allows seeing whether you have any negative impact (evil curse, the evil eye, curse crown of celibacy) during a session.
Prediction of the future you can don't only for the sake of curiosity. Most predictions of future events help to avoid many troubles in life. If you know the future, you can change the situation in your favor.
In daily life, each of us is interested in personal questions: "What do I expect from my personal life, my future, my career, do I get the desired result in their endeavors, and so on." At these and other questions, the answer can be obtained, using a prediction of future events and, with the help of the prediction you can be warned from errors and failures in the future.
During the session of predicting the future, you have also a partial purification of the energy from negative influences, but if remove the strong influence this session is not enough, in that case deeper work is necessary, work that is carried out separately from the session predictions.
If you need service of prediction the future - you can come to me, my experience and knowledge will help you to respond to the most disturbing questions you may have! Full view of the situation with a report on the Tarot cards Lucifer costs $ 100.

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