The Author's Site of The Warlock Neboga


Today many people earn money for their Life by creating and developing their own business. However, the realities of our life sometimes are very cruel break all the ambitions and aspirations, leaving at once a successful businessman with nothing. I am the warlock Neboga (Agoben). And I have a lot of experience in the monetary magic, which includes such popular rituals as:

- attraction of money and luck, wealth;

- assist in the sale of homes, cars, apartments;

- customer acquisition, debt recovery;

- drag luck from another person;

- discovery channel money;

- The rites to Wealth;

- The rites for luck;

- The rites to attract customers;

- The rites to Successful Transactions;

- The rites for The Win in gambling and so on.

In addition, many turn to me with a request to "raise" the once prosperous business, in other words - to correct an adverse situation in the business so that the business again became successful and brought income to the extent expected by the Customer. Tried and tested techniques of the ancient tradition of the black arts, and the Cathedral witchcraft that I work gives me the power to to influence the development of events in such a way as to adjust the line of development of a particular business in the direction that the Customer needs.

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